Google-Viewable Books on Philippine History

The internet is a great resource for information: it’s convenient, free and searchable. However some people are still a bit iffy about using the internet as a research tool, preferring the authority of data found between two preferably slightly musty covers. So where does one go if one seeks to do some old fashioned physical book research?

Uhm, well… the internet. Still. (Or at least that’s probably how it’ll be in the future.)

The amount of data potentially available through the Google Book Search is staggering. As of October 2008, Google stated that they had 7 million books searchable through Google Book Search. As such, I figured there might be a few gems there that relate to the Philippines – and lo and behold, there were a ton. So I thought I’d sift through the virtual stacks, and pick out a few that might be of interest.

Due to the sheer number of books, for this post I’ve limited my list to those relating to Philippine History, using a search of books with “Philippines” in the title.

Please note that unless otherwise specified, the books are viewable as “Limited Previews” only. Limited as they are however, such previews can give a reader plenty of information.


One response to “Google-Viewable Books on Philippine History

  1. Yay! thanks. This is extremely helpful.

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