Out with the Old, In with the (Leroy) New

I’ve got to admit, when it comes to art appreciation and sophistication, my cousin has me completely and utterly beat. We’re not even in the same plane of existence, never mind the same league. Most of the art Lisa raves about goes, and as a writer I admit this very reluctantly, completely over my head. Nevertheless when she showed me the work of Leeroy New, she and I were in complete agreement: it was provocative, current, slightly disturbing (as much good art tends to be). For my wedding gift, she gave me one of his pieces, and it now enjoys pride of place in our house.

Imagine my surprise then when the first thing one of my good friends does (when she hears about Bahay Talinhaga) is point out to me a new ongoing exhibit of Mr. New’s work. Passive Agressive runs from March 18 – April 13, 2009 at ArtInformal (277 Connecticut Street, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City, Philippines).

The description of the exhibit sort of skims just over my head, but the pictures are certainly enticing:

Drawing inspiration from both ancient and sci-fi mythologies, the exhibition intends to create a re-articulated amalgamation of the two. Sculptural pieces which either appear like artifacts from some archaic civilization or products of some advanced alien world. There is an apparent theatricality and artificiality in the look of these pieces perpetuating our fictionalized conceptions of the past and future.

The show mainly consists of sculptural pieces – be it wall-bound relief, free-standing and/or suspended ? done in fiberglass, silicone and/or plastic. Sizes may vary from life-size to average toy-size. The show will be installed in such a way that it resembles a science museum of sorts.

A science museum eh? That sounds very interesting (though I doubt this means that the installations will be interactive. Darn it, I want to ride that askal…) Hopefully I’ll have time to check it out – and if I do I’ll post about it here – but in the meantime anyone in the greenhills area might want to drop by ArtInformal. Those still on the fence can check out another articles on the exhibit from Business World.

(Thanks to Clacla for the tip!)


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