Book Launch: A Time for Dragons

The second book in the Anvil Fantasy line was launched yesterday with a smidgen of pomp, a dash of circumstance, and a pair of truly awesome paper mache dragons. I was already impressed by the prop dragons when they merely stood menacing vigil along the sides of the speakers podium – but when I saw what they were really there for I was floored:

With the two dragons at the lead, the authors (well, a few of us ^_^) participated in a parade from the ground floor of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall to the fourth floor and back again, narrowly avoiding liability for property damage and physical injuries: while the purple dragon moved at a regular, even regal pace, the blue one tended to wave its hardened tail around like a dog scenting a bone; our escorts had to keep a firm grip on its tail to keep it from accidentally spearing curious children, which would have admittedly been a less than ideal way to start the event.

Editor and mastermind Vin Simbulan hosted the event, starting things off with a speech that touched upon the length of time the book had been awaiting publication, as well as his dream of having local writers create the kind of works he grew up with: works of the fantastic, of swords and magic and dragons. This was followed by remarks from Ms. Krisel (if I remember her name correctly) the head of the Anvil Fantasy line, who (mock) addressed the concerns of other authors whose book launches hadn’t been quite as showy. ^_^

The authors (and artist Andrew Drillon), after a brief introduction from Vin (or from Dean in Vin;s case) then took to the stage to receive their books and say a few (very few for most ^_^) words to the audience gathered to witness the event. To cap the festivities, authors Anton Osias, Elyss Punsalan and Dean Alfar read excerpts from their stories.

I might go into a bit more detail later on (and post a few more pictures) but for the meantime, I just want to give a personal thank you to everyone who attended. I urge everyone to check out the book as well ^_^


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