Deadline Reminders: Palancas and New Genre Review

A couple of deadlines coming up for you writer-folk out there, both falling due on April 30:


Of course the big daddy of Philippine literary honors is counting down to the traditional April 30 deadline. Not so traditional is the fact that the Palancas are now (except Novel and Dulang Pampelikula) allowing submissions through their website as stated in their rules:

18.    All entries (except Novel and Dulang Pampelikula) submitted through the website should be in Rich Text Format (RTF) or in a Word Document File and should be sent as an attachment together with scanned copies of the following: (a) duly accomplished Official Entry Form, (b) notarized Authorization Form, (c) Consent, if applicable, and (d) the author’s full résumé. The time of transmission should be NOT LATER THAN 12:00 m.n. of 30 APRIL 2009. An entry will only be considered submitted if official confirmation is received through the website or by the CPMA administration. An envelope containing the original signed requirements listed in Rule 17(a) (b) and (c) above should then be sent to the CARLOS PALANCA FOUNDATION, INC. by mail or courier and postmarked not later than 30 April 2009.

Note the above emphasized caveat though – you still have to send the other requirements to them by 30 April 2009.


Adam David sent me this rather unique reminder (click for a larger view) that the deadline for submissions to New Genre Review is fast approaching–so if any of you have been holding out, better throw your hats in the ring by the 30th.


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