A Time for Dragons Review at Wandering Star

Spec Fic author ekmisao over at Wandering Star has just penned a review (the first that I’ve found online) of A Time for Dragons, the anthology of Filipino Draconic fiction.

Here’s a snippet:

The anthology has a good eclectic mix of the serious and the humorous, the fantastic and the horrific, high fantasy and urban fantasy, the completely foreign setting and the purely Pinoy setting. Sometimes the dragon took center stage, other times it was a key element for a character piece.

While PSF4 covered most of the spectrum of spec fic writing styles, the dragon anthology mostly stayed within the traditional story format (rising action, conflict, climax, resolution; use of descriptions and dialogue in equal amounts). Therefore the story set sold well with me, and I liked almost all of them.

And no, I’m not linking to the review just because my story is in her top 5 (though to say I’m not thrilled would be misleading ^_^)

I still need to polish off PSF4 before I hit the dragon anthology, but have any of the rest of you finished it? What did you guys think?


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