GBB: Rock Ed Book Bigayan 2009

Well now–here’s a great way of running the Great Book Blockade by getting your book fix and standing by your right to the free flow of information:

That’s right, Rock Ed Philippines invites everyone to participate in the absolute antithesis of a book blockade: The (Great) Book Bigayan 2009

We’re giving them away for free!

Rock Ed invites you to bring used/old books to give away. We will invite people to just come and browse through our donated books and they are free to take books, maximum of 5 per person. But give anyway! Books left behind will be added to our public school book donation delivery before the school year starts.

Rock Ed Philippines is not happy about the taxes imposed on books. If you feel the same way, please join us.

We give ’em away –for FREE!

Bring your used/old books too if you want to share. Let’s gather again at our Sunday Silent spot to give away books to anyone who wants ’em. Bring your family and your family dog.

Again, here are the details:

Where: Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard (across Malate Church)

When: 3pm until sunset, 24 May 2009, Sunday. (Not this Sunday alright? Spend May 10 with your Mothers, and spend May 17 choosing your books ^_^.)

Why: Because we love to read; Because stories and information are best when shared.

I guess I could part with a few old school science fiction and fantasy; time to raid the shelves of the old house ^_^


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