ACPI/UNESCO Flash Fiction Script Writing Contest

Wish I’d seen this earlier but hey, since it’s a contest for Flash fiction I think it’s completely feasible to still pull out a submission in time guys. No seeming limits on fantastic elements (though there are, er, moral constraints) so you guys might find this interesting:

Here are the details as posted on the ACPI website (though I first learned of the contest through

ACPI launches first flash fiction scriptwriting contest

The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI), in cooperation with the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines (UNACOM), proudly announces the first nationwide animated flash fiction scriptwriting contest as part of its active campaign in producing original Filipino content in animation that’s grounded on the rich cultural heritage of the country.

With the immense popularity of animated films and cartoons among the young generation, not to mention adults, animation has become an effective tool in raising awareness and educating the public about Philippine traditions, history and culture. However, there is a dearth of Philippine culture-centered animation. Foreign productions have been dominating the movie houses and taking over the boob tube.

As the world progresses with developments in information communication technology, the world of creative writing keeps up with the fast-paced lifestyle of people and joins the bandwagon of instant creations through instant storytelling. A new trend of short story writing has been introduced to the literary world known as “flash fiction.” It is defined as a very short story that ranges from 100 to 1000 words, and something that can be written or read in one sitting.

What better way to use this emerging genre of flash fiction in transforming and developing it into a script for a short animated feature project that centers on and promotes cultural diversity, as well as encourages the development of original Filipino content in animation.

The competition is open to Filipino citizens of all ages. The entry must be good for a 5-minute story (average of 8 to 10 pages) which can be funded for a possible production in the future. All stories must explore one or a combination of the following ideas: a) celebration of Filipino freedom from colonization, b) recognition of the Filipino’s cultural diversity, c) promotion of the Philippine cultural heritage, its traditions and way of life.

Entrants may submit a maximum of three entries for the contest, but each entry shall contain different themes/ideas as specified for this contest.  Entries may be in English or Filipino. However, entrants writing in Filipino must be ready to submit an English translation of the work when requested or when the need arises.

Adaptations of existing material (e.g., flash fiction by other authors) are also eligible. In this case, the entrant must submit along with his or her entry the written consent of the author of the existing work to have his or her work be adapted for contest entry.

Entries may be delivered personally to the secretariat or sent in by mail or courier but must be received on or before the deadline. Envelope(s) must be properly labeled as “Flash fiction scriptwriting contest,” and addressed to the ACPI secretariat: 9th floor, The Palisades Condominium, 107 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. The deadline for submission of entries is 12 noon of 15 May 2009.

The winners of the 1st animated flash fiction scriptwriting contest will be announced and awarded on 15 June 2009. The prizes are: 1st – PhP 10,000.00; 2nd – PhP 7,000.00; and 3rd – PhP 5,000.00. All winners will be posted on the ACPI website, and shall receive an official email notification from the ACPI.

The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. shall have at its disposal, the option to have all the winning entries produced as a five-minuter animated feature later on as part of its vision and mission in producing and developing animated features of original Filipino content.

For inquiries on the submission of entries and contest rules, please call the ACPI secretariat at 817-2727 local 108, or email, or log on to

Note the fine print guys: no email submission of entries, and even mailed submissions must be actually received (not just sent) by the deadline. As for the deadline itself, it’s at 12 noon of May 15–so those 11:59 submissions ala the Palanca Awards won’t cut it.

Also, please note that there are MORE DETAILED GUIDELINES in the application form pdf–which I have to admit is somewhat annoying considering that the link is only marked as an Application Form and not as a more complete set of guidelines (and why not just put the complete guidelines on the post?) so be sure to check that out for further info (number of copies to be submitted etc.)

Still unclear about whether word-count even matters for this (how does one do a word count for a script?) or if it’s solely a matter of page length and probable presentation time. I’ll make some inquiries and update this post if I find anything out.

Sent an email to ACPI and got a really rapid response (it took literally less than two minutes):

Yes. script or screenplay format.

no word count. as long as it is good to be produced as a 5-minuter animation later on.


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