Ebook Freebies: The Merchant of Death and Suvudu Additions

Here’s a rundown of free Kindle ebooks for you iPhone/Touch Kindle App users which I found after my initial post on the Kindle app. We’ve got the first book in a popular YA series, and a few more additions to the much appreciated Suvudu free library.

First up is Merchant of Death:

Amazon describes the book as follows:

In Pendragon: The Merchant of Death, D.J. MacHale, the creator of several popular television series and Afterschool Specials, transplants the Pendragon name from Arthurian legend to modern-day junior high school. Fourteen- year-old Bobby Pendragon has it all; he’s smart, popular, and a star basketball player in quiet Stony Brook, Connecticut. But a visit from Uncle Press soon topples all of that as Bobby learns that he is a Traveler, someone who can ride “flumes” through time and space. Bobby lands in Denduron, a medieval world where the gentle Milago are enslaved by the Bedoowan, and it’s Bobby’s job to free them. He reluctantly teams up with Loor–a girl his age from the warrior-territory of Zadaa–and other Travelers, recounting his adventures in journals that are magically transported back to his friends Mark and Courtney in Stony Brook. These first-person journals at times feel contrived–they’re riddled with terms like “coolio” and “bizarro” and gnarly descriptions of vile sights and smells–but the book’s thumping story soon scrubs away all such concern. The Merchant of Death keeps the pages flipping with steady action and near-constant mortal peril for its heroes, promising that both this and future volumes in the Pendragon series should be eagerly devoured. (Ages 10 and older)

Next we have three new additions to the Suvudu Free Library:

Weapon of Choice by John Birmingham:

A military experiment in the year 2021 has thrust an American-led multinational armada back to 1942, right into the middle of the U.S. naval task force speeding toward Midway Atoll and what was to be the most spectacular U.S. triumph of the entire war. Thousands died in the chaos, but the ripples had only begun. For these veterans of Pearl Harbor–led by Admirals Nimitz, Halsey, and Spruance–have never seen a helicopter, or a satellite link, or a nuclear weapon. What happens next is anyone’s guess–and anyone’s nightmare.

Kiss of Midnight by Laura Adrian

Part human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind for thousands of years, maintaining a tentative peace built on secrecy, power, and the dark justice carried out by the formidable warriors of the order.

And from grand master Michael Moorcock — Elric: The Staler of Souls:

When Michael Moorcock began chronicling the adventures of the albino sorcerer Elric, last king of decadent Melnibone, and his sentient vampiric sword, Stormbringer, he set out to create a new kind of fantasy adventure, one that broke with tradition and reflected a more up-to-date sophistication of theme and style. The result was a bold and unique antihero who would channel all the violent excesses of the Sixties into one enduring archetype.

As always, the Suvudu books are also available in formats other than that of the Kindle. These new titles join the following as part of Suvudu’s free library: Her Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik; Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt; Settling Accounts: Return Engagement by Harry Turtledove; Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson; and Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.


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