Kindle App: Version 1.1 Released

Apparently an updated version of the Kindle App for the iPhone came out last week. I found the news and a list of the updated features over at the MobileRead Forums:

NEW Features:
· Read in portrait or landscape mode
· Pinch to zoom images in books
· Select alternate background and text colors to improve
reading comfort in low light conditions.
· Tap on either side of the screen or flick to turn pages

Just updated my app and the landscape and “tap to move” features are good to have, elements that used to make the Stanza reader a more attractive option for certain readers–not that Stanza and the Kindle can really be said to be in competition anymore, since Amazon now owns Stanza. The background-text color combinations available are black-on-white, white-on-black, and black-on-sepia (for people who want to feel like they’re reading on parchment perhaps?). Don’t have a kindle book with images as of yet so can’t test that particular function.

TechCrunch has some photos of the new interface, as well as some impressions:

My favorite thing about the landscape/portrait mode is that while you rotate your iPhone to switch between the two, there’s a lock icon in the lower right hand corner to easily disable this rotation. I wish every app on the iPhone had that, as I cannot stand when things rotate even though I didn’t want them to. The background options of black or sepia along with the standard white is also a nice touch, as it can be hard to read on the white when the screen is fully illuminated.

UK site The Register also has some coverage, as well as some screen shots. The Reg mentions the fact that Amazon has made mobile access to its Kindle Store much more iPhone friendly recently, and speculates that there may be a clash of titans on the horizon:

As welcome as these developments are for those of us who prefer to read during our subway commute rather than listen to the latest from Lady Gaga, we also see a confrontation brewing on the horizon. As The Reg has oft mentioned, Google is busily locking up all the books it can consume, with the apparent goal of becoming the world’s monopolizer of printed content.

As with the Kindle App itself, the updated version is free so nab the version or the app via iTunes or the App Store.


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