PinoyWrimo 2008 Anthology Release

Any day which sees the release of new Philippine Spec Fic is a happy day… Having thirteen (albeit excerpts rather than complete tales) in one go… well, that should be enough of a happiness buffer in case Terminator: Salvation turns out to be the shallow shout-fest that reviewers claim it to be.

Received an email from the PinoyWrimo crew that the PinoyWrimo 2008 Anthology–collecting excerpts from entries in last year’s NaNoWriMo and arranging them by category–has just been released in handy  ebook format.

Here’s a bit from the foreword of Tina Matanguihan (tinamats):

Whenever a new year comes around, I usually create a theme for my year, in the same way that I create resolutions. It’s usually the feel of the year as it comes, and interestingly enough, for the past five years, the theme has been quite consistent.

My theme for 2008 was EXTRAORDINARY.

And what do you know, November 2008 just blew me away. If there was anything in my 2008 that was really just extraordinary, it’s November. I mean, Novembers were always magical for me, but I never thought it
would be this awesome. From the planning, to the Kick-off Party to the chats to the write-ins, all the way to the Thank God it’s Over Party – everything was just…well, awe-inspiring. Don’t you think?

If you need more convincing, I’ve got the numbers to show you:

  • #81 over 445 regions in NaNoWriMo
  • #1 over 14 regions in NaNoWriMo Asia
  • $115 donated to the NaNoWriMo Funds
  • 4,028,199 words written
  • 56 winners
  • 216 authors homed, 527 affiliates
  • How was that for an extraordinary year?

May this anthology remind us that, well, we’re an extraordinary bunch of people. The PinoyWrimos are truly some of the most inspiring people I know, and I know that every single one of these amazing group of people will definitely change Filipino literature.

It’s also good to note that many of the excerpts are preceded by contact information for the authors (websites or email)–useful to send notes of appreciation, critiques, or as a resource for certain would-be publishers *wink* ^_^.


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