Writer’s Digest: 101 Best Websites For Writers

Twitter is turning out to be very good at directing my attention towards news and links I actually find important, so my twitter account has been getting a bit of a workout. I sent out a re-tweet of this tidbit I got from Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn, but I think it bears a more thorough post here–Writer’s Digest has just put up a list of their 101 Best Websites for Writers 2009.

Most writers prefer to spend their time … well, writing. Here, we’ve attempted to make that job a little easier.

Introducing our 11th annual 101 Best Websites for Writers. This year we sifted through more than 2,700 nominations and pulled the best of the bunch. The list, which features more blogs and free market listings than in years past, has been divided into eight sections: Creativity and Challenges, General Resources, Agent Blogs, Publishing Resources, Jobs and Markets, Writing Communities, Genres/Niches and Fun for Writers. We’ve also included symbols (see the key on the opposite page) with each listing so you can quickly scan to see if the site offers what you’re seeking: blogs, chatting, critiques, classes/workshops, contests, forums, jobs, markets, e-newsletters, podcasts and content for young writers.

The 2009 Categories:
Agent Blogs
Writing Communities
Publishing Resources
Jobs and Markets
Creativity and Challenges
General Resources
Fun for Writers

One site I found particularly intruiging was BookGlutton which “lets you share your manuscripts (in full, or chapter-by-chapter) with others, right in your browser, complete with built-in annotation and chat functions.”

I have to say this site intrigues me, not really insofar as commercial texts are concerned, but as a convenient way for multiple readers to edit/give comments on a manuscript. Bears watching. You can see a video of how the site works here, or simply sign up and try it out.


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