Map of the Paranormal Philippines

This is just too cool not to share–got it from a tweet from Budjette Tan, writer/co-creator of Trese (how appropriate)–a stylized map of the Philippines by Christian Oliver Cruz (recently given an Honorable Mention Award by the PBBY-Alcantara body) composed of the names and representations of some of our most well-known mythical creatures. I love how the illustrations fit in seamlessly with the text.

Here’s how Mr. Cruz describes the piece and his inspiration for it:

This is greatly inspired by a sold-out Threadless T-shirt design by Aaron Hogg entitled “Para-normal US”… but knowing it can only be appreciated by Americans, and though I love the concept (which I think is also inspired by the typographical map work of Paula Scher), I can never wholeheartedly have this shirt. So I decided to create something by borrowing the concept yet adding a little twist of my own (see the little drawings to illustrate some of the mythological creatures): a translation using my country’s very own folklore and mythology (I did painstaking research!).

I will be printing this on my own for a limited run, here in the Philippines. Will hopefully be available by latter October, in time for the Halloween season.

I’m no fashion maven, but that is a T-Shirt I’ll be waiting for! Click on the picture to go to his deviantart site, then click the image (or the download button) for a larger version:


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