Deadlines Ahoy!: Shine Anthology, Black Gate and Destination: Future

It’s only into the second week of June, but already it’s been quite the busy month here in the Philippines, from railroad farces in the House of Reps, to twisters in the city, to the closure of an entire University due to swine flu (and a consequent delay in the return to school of college students–but not, ironically, elementary school kids); no matter what’s going on in the world around us however, there is one thing that writers cannot forget:  a deadline. Quite a few in fact. Thought I’d remind everyone of a few in particular (aside from the Crossed Genres Flash Fic contest I recently mentioned) while there is still time for you to cram a story or two or three.

EDIT (22 June): The deadline for the Shine anthology has been extended:

BLACK GATE: The excellent Black Gate is currently open for submissions until June 30, and is looking for “epic fantasy fiction at all lengths, including novel excerpts, as well as articles, news and reviews.” I do love me some epic fantasy… if I had time I’d definitely give this a shot:  Lord knows I’ve got more stories of the Mongrels than my submission to the Farthest Shore. Submission guidelines are here.

DESTINATION: FUTURE: Hadley Rille is looking for  “science fiction stories, particularly Hard SF, Space Operas, Alien Worlds, Alien Encounter Beyond Earth, Exploration, and Quest Stories. Positive-future scenarios. (We prefer not to receive alternative and historical fiction, fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic, or horror for this anthology, but other than that it’s pretty open.)” You can check the submissions guidelines here.

SHINE ANTHOLOGY: Last but certainly not least, we have the SHINE Anthology, “an anthology of optimistic near-future SF, edited by Jetse de Vries, published by Solaris Books, and is planned for an early 2010 release.” Submission guidelines are here and the deadline is once again June 30. What makes SHINE interesting to me is not only the theme, but the very transparent way by which Mr. de Vries is conducting his selection process. He does a very good job of giving writers a clear idea of what he is looking for, providing links to stories that exemplify “near future” or “optimistic” and he’s also very keen on getting submissions from beyond the United States.

EDIT (22 June): The deadline for the Shine anthology has been extended:


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