RP612fic: The Stories (2009)

Ah, the power of the internets+cooperation: start out with a random idea, end up with approximately a hundred stories, transmitted through twitter over the course of the day; sure they’re six word stories but they are a hundred six word stories that didn’t exist before Independence Day 2009–and boy, some of those concepts are just itching to be made into longer works.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun–here’s the roster of authors and some of my favorite contributions:






(Note: Dom has some explanations for his six word stories here. I’ll follow suit in a later post.)





Edit:  Sean over at “To the tale, and other such concerns” sends in some good ones – segregated by genre too. My favorite:

Balut vendors terrorized by giant duck.

Edit 2: A late submission from Andrea D.C. follows:

One diwata. One Chinay. True love.

I’ve got the full screen-grab of stories (and some tagged banter) after the cut. Some are NSFW and not everything is, strictly speaking, six words–but each one helped make this an Independence Day to remember for me. You’ve seen my favorites above… Which ones tickled your patriotic fancies? Let us know in the comments!

Again, thanks to everyone who participated, who spread the word, and even those who just read the stories. Once more with feeling: Happy Independence Day Philippines! See you all next year ^_^

And now: the stories…

(Just be a bit patient as it’s a large file.)


EDIT: And here are Sean’s contributions; the man likes his challenges:

Adventure: Intrepid archeologist seeks lost Kho videos.

Fantasy (Bangsian Fantasy): Demon runs day spa for celestials.

Fantasy (Contemporary Fantasy): Secret squatter society battles subdivision monsters.

Fantasy (Fairytale Fantasy): Princesses. Paedophilia. Politicians. Put something together.

Fantasy (High Fantasy): Spellcasting cop shakes down otherworldly citizens.

Gothic: Strange giggling noises in Manila Cathedral.

Historical: Ferdinand Magellan’s last words: “Nice… sword…”

Horror: Balut vendors terrorized by giant duck.

Mystery: Imelda’s three thousand shoes are missing!

Romance: Is that MMORPG girl really female?

Science Fiction: Solution to Abu Sayyaf: Giant Robots.

Thriller: Must… stop… president… from… running… again!

Edit 2: Andrea D. C.:

One diwata. One Chinay. True love.


4 responses to “RP612fic: The Stories (2009)

  1. Thanks for starting the challenge. T’was fun!

  2. lovely, lovely, LOVELY. and i’m favorited! *cartwheels*

    and oh yes, we’ll def see longer versions of these stories in the future. 🙂

    will share this now, thanks!

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