Twitter Fiction: Book View Cafe and Thaumatrope

Wow, we’ve been making a lot of good twitter fiction haven’t we? Book View Cafe recently launched its third Twitter Fiction contest to celebrate the release of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s ebook Laldasa: A Beloved Slave. The goal was to write a complete story in 126 characters (down from 140 due to the hashtag) with the theme of “You got mystery/romance in my science fiction!” When the results were in, four stories from three of our local Spec Fic authors garnered Honorable Mentions:

Kenneth_Yu: @bookviewcafe I felt her kiss first, then her blade. Smiling, she switched her machine off as I died. Virtual reality leaves no blood.

luckychan13: @bookviewcafe She thought she had found love again, years after her divorce. He turned out to be one of her ex-husband’s clones.

blissery: @bookviewcafe “A new form of the old hate,” he says sadly, touching his hand. “It’s not because we’re both men, it’s because we’re robots.”

luckychan13: @bookviewcafe We were rejects; leftover embryo from fertility treatments. We were not supposed to be born. –And now someone’s killing us.

Congratulations to our wonderful authors! Next time, we shoot for #1 ^_^

While we’re in the mood to write some tiny fiction, it would be remiss not to mention that Thaumatrope, the site/magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters, has re-opened for submission of stories until 31 July. You can also submit serials. General guidelines and payrate can be found here.


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