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Customs Memorandum Order No. 25-2011

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OK, this isn’t a full-blown analysis yet, and so I reserve the right to tweak my opinions later (and hey, if I’m wrong, I’d love to be educated), but let’s talk.

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Usok: The Webzine of Fantastic Filipino Fiction

Hi guys! Been busy over at Rocket Kapre, but for those of you who still check BT, I’m proud to announce that Rocket Kapre has just launched Usok, a free webzine for Speculative Fiction by Filipinos. Issue 1 is now live, and we’re also accepting submissions for future issues. Come over and check it out ^_^ Here’s the Table of Contents for Issue 1:

Table of Contents:

* The Startbox by Crystal Koo

* The Saint of Elsewhere: A Mystery by chiles samaniego

* Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing by Kenneth Yu

* The Coming of the Anak-Araw by Celestine Trinidad

* The Child Abandoned by Yvette Tan

~ Coverart by Kevin Lapeña

A Home for Philippine Creators and Fans

In Filipino “talinhaga” can mean “mystery or metaphor; something to be reflected upon” (or something to that effect – the definitions could be a bit vague understandably). “Bahay” on the other hand, means “house” (I am 100% sure this time).

That is what this web-site endeavors to be: an exploration of the myth, mystery and majesty of the Philippines, whether as a setting for stories (written down or lived out) or as an inspiration for the same  – even if only by providing us with the ground beneath our feet as we pen tales about galaxies far away, or pasts that never were.

I want it to be filled with “mysteries” and “metaphors” – an aggregate of the strange bits of news and trivia, scholarly history and personal accounts, that make us who we are and show us where we’re going.

I want it to showcase Filipino works of the fantastic (and simply fantastic works) whether it be in the form of prose, artwork, film, games or whatever other mediums we dive into for artistic expression.  I want it to be a resource, a guide and an inspiration to those who would like to create such works of their own.

Most of all, for those of us whose hearts are rooted in these brown soils wherever our bodies may be and wherever our minds may take us – I want it to be a house. A home.