Philippine Mythological Creatures

Notes for March 2009 Version – The list so far has been compiled solely from internet sources (which I’ve linked to) though there aren’t as many of those as I’d like. I’ll update later with information from physical book research and as more information becomes available. This is one of the pages which will always be “under construction.” ^_^

I’ve divided this list into generic creatures and unique creatures: to put it simply, when you refer to “Aswang” there could be hundreds of the rotting critters… but when you refer to the “Ibong Adarna” you’re only talking about one unique bird as far as the stories go (at least insofar as I can remember – haven’t read the story in awhile).

Generic creatures

Unique Creatures:

15 responses to “Philippine Mythological Creatures

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for creating this page, the information you have in here is a big help for me. I am an artist and have been researching on these topic as well which I need for my illustrations. I’ve always wanted to create an illustrated book featuring these magical creatures/beasts that are wholly rooted from our own culture.

    More power!

  2. wow.. this is a great source.. i’ve been drawing philippine myth creatures but not sure what they really look like.. this really helped a lot.. my dream is to make a manga out of these creatures.. i guess we have the same interest miss Charisse..

  3. redofthemacabre

    This really helps. You know, I was of the impression that our rich myth heritage have been neglected, the last time I went to a bookstore (the major ones) they failed to produce books about these. Really, its a rich source for literature.

  4. redofthemacabre

    Nice! I’ll check that one! 🙂

  5. arnolddeguzman

    hi there, i’m actually writing a book right now. i’ve been looking for sources regarding these for some of the characters of my story. and this is really a big help. ms. charisse and redofthemacabre, i suppose we can work together. 🙂

  6. Hi arnold! You have a very exciting project there, what can I do to help you? You can email me at…thanks!


  7. well, just like all the replies in your thread i’ve read, i’m also conceptualizing a fiction novel just like you that is circulating on the philippine mythical creatures. actually, i am having a hard time researching for the leads but as i read your posts, they really helped me a lot in conceptualizing my dream novel. who knows, we might help each other in plotting our concepts. just contact me in my email if you have additional information which would add to my leads. thank you very much for your help.

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  9. hi ms. Charice! I’m also trying to write a novel about Philippine mythology. This blog sure is helpful! thanks!

  10. Hello..:) thanks for this blog. It surely helped me with the creatures for the study guide i am doing…

  11. Thanks to my father who told me on the topic of this
    weblog, this website is actually awesome.

  12. wow! this helped me a lot. I’ve been searching for websites that contain informations about philippine mythological creatures. I know it sounds weird but I actually get excited everytime I hear stories about these creatures. Anyway, thanks again! 😀

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