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Komikon Awards 2009: Online Voting

I’ve mentioned the on-going voting for the 2009 Komikon Awards, as well as the nominees, but for those without easy access to participating comic book stores (which is, let’s face it, everyone outside of Metro Manila) you’ll be pleased to know that you can now vote for your favorites online via two methods:

The first is through a poll on deviantart which is accessible for deviantart users. It’s not all that difficult to register on deviantart, so don’t look on that as an obstacle.

You can also vote at the official Komikon website–look for the drop down awards menu at the top of the site. Registration (on the Komikon site) is required, as is to be expected to avoid a scenario where the winners are determined solely by dint of which nominee has fans with the most free time. One difference between the Komikon site and deviantart though is that on the Komikon website, you can see the current tally of votes before casting your own.

Voting is until September 20, so I urge everyone to take the time to familiarize yourselves with the nominees before voting–try not to just vote for the nominees already familiar to you @_@. Consider it as practice for the research we’ll all (well all of above 17 that is) have to do for May 2010.


Deviant(art) Filipinos (July 2009)

Recently spotted a news article, courtesy of the ever dependable Bibliophile Stalker, that the Carl Brandon Society was looking to find/spotlight POC Artists, and what better way to help out than to do a new post (the sequel to this) on excellent Filipino artists on deviantart. A bit pressed for time so only have thirteen this time, but each one is worth checking out. The great thing is, I think I’ve barely even scratched the surface of the wonderful Filipino presence in the deviantart community, and I’m looking forward to finding more–so if you know of any, drop me a line!

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Map of the Paranormal Philippines

This is just too cool not to share–got it from a tweet from Budjette Tan, writer/co-creator of Trese (how appropriate)–a stylized map of the Philippines by Christian Oliver Cruz (recently given an Honorable Mention Award by the PBBY-Alcantara body) composed of the names and representations of some of our most well-known mythical creatures. I love how the illustrations fit in seamlessly with the text.

Here’s how Mr. Cruz describes the piece and his inspiration for it:

This is greatly inspired by a sold-out Threadless T-shirt design by Aaron Hogg entitled “Para-normal US”… but knowing it can only be appreciated by Americans, and though I love the concept (which I think is also inspired by the typographical map work of Paula Scher), I can never wholeheartedly have this shirt. So I decided to create something by borrowing the concept yet adding a little twist of my own (see the little drawings to illustrate some of the mythological creatures): a translation using my country’s very own folklore and mythology (I did painstaking research!).

I will be printing this on my own for a limited run, here in the Philippines. Will hopefully be available by latter October, in time for the Halloween season.

I’m no fashion maven, but that is a T-Shirt I’ll be waiting for! Click on the picture to go to his deviantart site, then click the image (or the download button) for a larger version:

Deviant(art) Filipinos

If I’d had access to deviantart and a scanner in my high school days, I think it might have taken me more than four years to graduate: the heady mix of art, peer review and community (with a smattering of e-commerce opportunities) could have jealously devoured my time, free and otherwise.

Since screen-names are the norm on deviantart, it can be tough to find Filipino artists, so I thought I’d list a few of my favorites.

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