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Link Drop August 2009

Apologies for the late update–working on something… special. More on that tomorrow–I’ll need your help guys–but for now, enjoy some interesting links I’ve picked up over the Inter-tubes (though you might have seen some of these on the Twitter feed):

  • Local News:
    • Bob Ong as National Artist: An article in the Philippine Star by Isagani Cruz where he breaks down why anonymous author Bob Ong might qualify as a National Artist–as opposed to you-know-who.
    • District 9 Review: by David Hontiveros. Protip: He liked it.
    • Cosplay Mania 2009 Contests–Updated: Some interesting upcoming events for cosplayers, listed over at the New Worlds Alliance.
    • Filipino-made Film Named Best SciFi Film in California Festival: The article doesn’t really describe the film much so can’t say how SciFi it is… but thing that saddens me about this is the comments section.  I understand not getting worked up about the achievements of another just because he’s Filipino, but to justify such disregard by labeling him a “Fil-Am” seems to me small-minded in the extreme. It builds walls where we should be breaking them down.
  • Science News:
    • Spiderbot: It looks kind of… awkward. But hey, I’m sure I did too when I was learning how to walk. (Cors’ I never did master the walking on the ceiling bit…)
    • Theatrical Robots Kiss: I want to see robot musicals now. Are you listening Repertory Philippines? ROBOT MUSICALS!
  • Book News:

Filipino Fantastic – Link Roundup (19 April 2009)

Some news and opportunities for fans and creators of the Filipino Fantastic:


Coffee Black – a new story is up at Tales from the Diabolical (where writer-creator Budjette Tan releases fiction set in the Trese universe. This one featuring bar tender Hank.

(taken from the story page, copyright to sirs Budjette and Kajo)

Sunday Inquirer Feature on A Time for Dragons – (via Village Idiot Savant and PGS): Hurray for main stream press coverage! The article is by Ruel S. De Vera and features a bit of an interview with editor Vin Simbulan.


The Ancient Age: Speaking of A Time for Dragons, the ever-talented artist of that anthology, Mr. Andrew Drillon, has been hard at work on a contribution to a Free Comic Book Day anthology called the Ancient Age from Wide Awake Press.

Wilson Tortosa’s Wolverine Manga – (via Komiks News Now) Marvel seems set to make a new attempt at a manga-version of wolverine, and this time it will be drawn by one of our very own, Mr. Wilson Tortosa (whose deviantart page we previously featured).

Darna Museum Rises in Laguna -(via Komiks News Now) Whoa. Apparently Mr. Herbert Chavez has put up a museum (Museuo Adarna) devoted to the most famous of Pinoy Superheroines (no, you’re not quite up there yet Zsa Zsa).


I found two good ones over at Looking for Juan – the official blog of Canvas, the publishing house.

Goethe Institute Seminar/Workshop: the Goethe Institute has invited some illustrators to give a three day seminar/workshop on children’s books illutration and design here in Manila, in connection with the  Zeitgenössische Bilderbuchillustration,” an exhibition of contemporary illustration in picture books touring through Goethe Institutes all over the world which will travel to Manila in June to mid July 2009.

Pacific Rim Friendship Park: Canvas is looking for someone who can help document the building of the Philippines’ Pacific Rim Friendship Park. You can learn more about the project here and here, but Canvas describes the Park rather succinctly as Survivor-Meets-Habitat-for-Humanity.

Last Week In Science (22-29 March)

Every now and then I’ll put together a list of noteworthy science related news/research that might prove useful or interesting to creators of the Filipino Fantastic, whether as indicators of future trends or inspiration for future works.

And no, these are not April Fools’ articles ^_^

News and Developments:

Here’s the joke: the authorities had no choice, as the court ruling made clear: “From the evidence we have, we can deduce that at least one of the brothers took part in the crime, but it has not been possible to determine which one.” Identical twins share 99.99% of their genetic information, and the tiny differences are impossible to isolate because of their nature; they tend to be spontaneous mutations limited to certain organs or tissues. “Identifying those [differences] would amount to dissecting the suspects,” says Peter M. Schneider, a University of Cologne forensic expert. “Our hands are tied in a case like this,” says criminal-law expert Hans-Ullrich Paeffgen of Bonn University. “The law doesn’t allow us to detain someone indefinitely just because he is suspected of a crime. This may be different elsewhere. But I’d rather live in a country where someone guilty is not convicted for lack of conclusive evidence than in a place where innocent people are locked up.”

Yobs are being shamed out of anti-social behaviour by bright pink lights which show up their acne.

The lights are so strong they highlight skin blemishes and have been successful in moving on youths from troublespots who view pink as being “uncool.”
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