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Link Drop August 2009

Apologies for the late update–working on something… special. More on that tomorrow–I’ll need your help guys–but for now, enjoy some interesting links I’ve picked up over the Inter-tubes (though you might have seen some of these on the Twitter feed):

  • Local News:
    • Bob Ong as National Artist: An article in the Philippine Star by Isagani Cruz where he breaks down why anonymous author Bob Ong might qualify as a National Artist–as opposed to you-know-who.
    • District 9 Review: by David Hontiveros. Protip: He liked it.
    • Cosplay Mania 2009 Contests–Updated: Some interesting upcoming events for cosplayers, listed over at the New Worlds Alliance.
    • Filipino-made Film Named Best SciFi Film in California Festival: The article doesn’t really describe the film much so can’t say how SciFi it is… but thing that saddens me about this is the comments section.  I understand not getting worked up about the achievements of another just because he’s Filipino, but to justify such disregard by labeling him a “Fil-Am” seems to me small-minded in the extreme. It builds walls where we should be breaking them down.
  • Science News:
    • Spiderbot: It looks kind of… awkward. But hey, I’m sure I did too when I was learning how to walk. (Cors’ I never did master the walking on the ceiling bit…)
    • Theatrical Robots Kiss: I want to see robot musicals now. Are you listening Repertory Philippines? ROBOT MUSICALS!
  • Book News:

Review: Terminator Salvation

Wow. Even with lowered expectations that was painful.

People who know me will attest to the fact that I love fanfiction, and that there are some works that match the original. When Hollywood takes on an old, venerable franchise after a long hiatus, sometimes the sequel produced has less of the feel of a sequel and more of the atmosphere of a fanfic. Sometimes this is done well–the new Sylar-powered Star Trek reboot has been described as J.J. Abrams Alternate Universe Star Trek fanfic… and it worked.

Sometimes though, as with actual fanfic, you get a dud, and one of the more common causes for bad fanfiction is the inclusion of the infamous Mary Sue character type. It’s not one you get to see often in a professional production, because it is an amateur-ish mistake…

Apparently whoever came up with the character of Marcus Wright didn’t get the memo. Actually, much of the the story of Terminator Salvation is a case study in how not to write a good narrative.

[Spoiler and Rant Warning]

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