Philippine Folklore

The difficulty in trying to come up with an overview of Philippine Folklore is the fact that there is no such thing as a unified body of folklore that encompasses all our 7,107 islands. Different regions will have different tribes which in turn will have different myths, legends, and traditions which borrow, merge and confuse elements from the myths, legends and traditions of the neighboring tribes, or from those stray foreigners who came to trade, or who washed ashore one day and never left.

Still, difficult as it may be to create such an overview, such is a worthwhile task not only as a service for writers who may want to dip their pens into our shared pool melting pot of myths and legends, but for any Filipino who wants to learn more about the world of our ancestors by blood or geography (as well as our curious brothers and sisters of foreign lineage).

I’m certainly no expert on the matter – I’m a Philosophy major thank you kindly – but as I’ll be doing the research anyway for purposes of writing my urban fantasy novel, I figured that I might as well collate my data here, where it can benefit anyone interested – and where I can use the “wisdom of the crowd” to correct any missteps I will invariably make.

If you have any additional information, or see an error, please let me know at bahaytalinhaga[at]gmail<dot>com.

2 responses to “Philippine Folklore

  1. Hi I ask who wrote this article.and when it was published
    ..I need it for my project.please reply

    Thank you and Godbless!

  2. hello. Can I ask? Where’s the list of Philippine deities and types of Philippine magic users? I really need some reference and I really appreciate if you email me. Thank you and hoping for you reply.

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